by The Obelisk

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released April 20, 2013

Logo Design by Glorious Gorification
Artwork Credit "Chris Cold"

Recorded by Pierre Worth & Josh Stephens
Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Andrew Mikhail at Trve Media Music in Chicago, IL

2013 "The Obelisk"



all rights reserved


The Obelisk Chicago, Illinois

The Obelisk is a 5 piece Progressive Death Metal band from Chicago, IL.

For fans of heavy music such as: Gojira, Vildhjarta, and Humanity's Last Breath

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Track Name: Antipathy
Born like this
Into this
We are born like this
Into, this

Aspiring to become a social standard
Embracing things that keep making us fatter
When will it end the pressure is building.
I can’t believe the things I see on a day to day basis
Brands governing our various choices
Serving products that eat away at our organs
And nobody listens the facts are all in front of them!

They're left to rot in ignorance!

Drive the drones to entropy
In hopes that they turn and
Beat each other down.

Your money is rendered useless
The sun masked by our filth
The air soiled and glowing!

My fingers reach for the bottle
My fingers reach for the throat
My fingers reach towards an unresponsive god
Born out of this…
Track Name: Aperture
Perish in transit
Discovering irrelevant ideas

Might we reveal the possibility to embrace?
Surpass the veil to truly see consequences laid dormant spanning lifetimes

These apparitions I see, are they ghosts or memories
Dissipating consciousness
The guise of accumulated tension

Everlasting efforts
Carried out in an hypnotic trance
Conspiracy guides my search through the past

This game of illusive progress
And this resistance to new found knowledge,
By erroneous beings
Coercing the lemmings
Condemning them to lives of
Pragmatic emptiness

Moving forward our mistakes resurface

Break your face
Take what’s left
Scrape it across the earth

There’s everything left to be said perhaps you misinterpret death

Close your mouth and open your eyes

open your eyes...
Track Name: Microcosm
These acts of constant propulsion, when put into infinite motion,
Cause opposing forces to clash and collide in hopes
That they’re meant to survive
Collecting in random order
Substances gather
Burrowing deep within my dreams
All I believe to be true I am questioning

These particles only exist in theory
So then assume that the equation is possible and balanced
Transmitted radiation
Penetrating small spaces
Phasing through
Solid systems
What’s worse?
We are oblivious!!
Ignorant to the energies all around us

At work, day by day our molecules
Are rearranged, the matter we are composed of decays.

We erode, light from the sun starts
Breaking our bodies down

This endless waltz
Of subatomic renewal
Exposes flesh
In tribute to the one eyed one.
Formed from dust!
And bounded by chaos, clumped together individually
Held in sync with the grip of our galaxy!
Track Name: Genome
I am awake!
Where am I?
What could this be?
The vastness torments me
I begin to recognize shapes
My instincts tell me to investigate
The world that surrounds me!
And so I ask why?
How could this be?
Circles of light are following me
One in pure darkness one too bright to see!
Celestial bodies beckoning me for their worship!
Encased, I’m held down
No I’m free but with no control
Over my extremities
Figures begin to crowd around me
Strange sounds coming from every direction

I can’t process what I'm feeling anymore
For I’ve exhausted all that I could muster
Energy is harder to produce in this worthless body

Why can’t I manipulate my own mannerisms?
Am I fully complete?
I feel alone, lost to my dreams!

I have begun to fear my environment,
My inability to escape forces me to question everything
And Although! Your face seems so familiar
I can sense that there’s more to me!

Once it was warm and rather dark my memories had left me,
Fragments of soul remain
They are the foundation for the next life I hope to lead.

I begin to recognize shapes
I'm intrigued by the various features in your face
Lines coming through the mist
Revealed to me
I'm exhumed from this enclosure