The Great Aerial Wanderer

by The Obelisk

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released June 5, 2012

Lyrics Joshua Stephens
"w/ special thanks to Colin Plach for Argot"

songs written by "The Obelisk"
Pierre Worth - Guitar
Lee Iliev - Guitar
Josh Stephens-Vocals
Ethan Shoun - Bass
Michael Federico - Drums

Recorded at WWH Recordings, Chicago;
engineer and producer: Andrew Mikhail,
assistant engineer: Colin Plach

additional engineering by: Daniel Farnsworth

Logo Design by Jamie Koala of "Koala Art & Design"
Album artwork by: Jeffrey Gorski



all rights reserved


The Obelisk Chicago, Illinois

The Obelisk is a 5 piece Progressive Death Metal band from Chicago, IL.

For fans of heavy music such as: Gojira, Vildhjarta, and Humanity's Last Breath

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Track Name: The Hour of Our Time
Reinvented regret, the pain within indifferent, more potent than jealousy it flows through my finger tips and all over your body
Finally there is justice
Problems arise as the clock creeps closer to 3, and I can’t see and end in sight
As the gears begin grinding
These hours they never end
Becoming lessons that seem to lack a beginning
Forced with unnatural threats these seconds become decades pounding in my head
Facts remain as the minuets wander from me
Taking breaths of life I need housed in my own chest
I’ll never confess my hatred is a comedy at best
With a thousand screams my life falls deeper in to torrents face to face with nothingness
My eyes cleansed of all guilt
Souls alive with malicious intentions I breathe them in for you!
My time spent on lies breaking down the metal in my watch
I never asked for the time!
Laugh as the tables have turned and the parallel infractions for my actions in this universe
Constant reflections of light concentrate beams of black energies
Forcing antimatter to unleash
Devastation as the slaves begin constructing great monuments
Structures that ask for death!
Surfing on oceans of black matter through an alien galaxy
The world is harder to navigate when gravity steers you from reality
Obliterate my concept of time
For seconds become lessons for eternity
Track Name: Argot
(W/ special thanks to Colin Plach)
Broken free from apathetic impurities
Apathy isn’t property that’s evenly fought for-
Devoid of purpose
Cold and alone
Grasping the grooves in my chest
In search of failed emotions.
As I as I wake up screaming, as I wake up screaming
Remnants of time I was so lost in
Realizing that there is nothing
Greed masks the mind
And I’m caught at rifts edge
Between existence and the faded abyss
They try to drain the life from the holes in my face,
I’ll consume your flesh feed off your fears and break you
Remnants of time I was lost in
Realizing that there is nothing
As I wait, as I shake, lies spill out
I finally feel again
And the impulses from my brain command me
To take your breath away it’s something I feel will make the world safe
Something commanded me from my brain
As I wait as I shake the lies spill out…
Track Name: Earth Above
Follow the moons of countless alien worlds
Past stars black holes vampirically feed off
Breathing in the light of new worlds before life can be cultivated becoming a greater good
Scouring the maria
Negating the desire to strive for devices that exceed our own limitation

Motionless asking for sacrifice.

Gravity does not exist in the confides of mortality which reasonably enough makes it a phobia
For the intellectuals mind

No one has expectations
Your life had meaning in this world
Actions react in excess fashion
Nothing is worth living for
Track Name: Infernalis
Floating I’m trapped
Distant from the past
Regression breaks familiar lines
Resonated from delusions
Within your Mind
We sail to preserve
The society you strived so hard to leave behind
As the calls from your mind thrive on excess consumption
A primary function that-
That cannot be denied
And then they saw it, and they loved it when they saw it
More confidence towards the stories of this great monument
It brought them down from the skies!
And made them leaders of their own kind.


Excess consumption

That can’t be denied.